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Keeping up the tradition

We are the place where history and progress, traditions and experiments united. Our building was built in the thirteenth century and we keep the Old Bohemian traditions. Long before beer and wine were popular, favorite beverage among the monks was mead which is a drink made of honey. To offer you an original bohemian mead and liqueurs based on recipes which were inherited from ancient times.

“The best bar in Prague”

Go to this bar if you want a variety of delicious cocktail and pleasant atmosphere ! The nice and handsome bartender and cute waiter is waiting for you 🙂 It was the best bar in Prague !
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Tasty Breakfast

We offer your favorite classic American, English, and Swedish breakfast to charge you with maximum power and nutrition for a better and productive day. 

Best local craft and world known beer

  • Beznoska Bottom-fermented light lager. Cooked from Pilsen and Munich malt, and three types of hops.
  • Čertik -Bertik Bottom-fermented dark lager. The specials excels roasted and full taste with a stronger body.
  • Pilsner Urquell – World known Czech beer.

Czech Cuisine

Find out Czech Republic traditional tastes, you could choose from variety of soups, cheese and sausages, world known pork knee.

Our Food & Drinks Collection

The best way to experience Czech Cuisine Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing taste to satisfy your palate.

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